With more and more people increasingly conscious about energy efficiency, it is an ideal time to be in the business of distributing solar panels and associated products. Owners of both commercial and residential properties are taking the time to research the multiple benefits of solar-generated energy and taking steps towards implementing these systems in homes and businesses to save money.
When it comes to distribution, it is important to ensure that the chosen supplier carries a range of products from superior manufacturers in the field, giving distributors the opportunity to offer the best brands and variety to their customers.
When selecting a solar panel distribution company, ensure they offer the following vital products and components:
Solar Panels: Also referred to as solar modules, solar panels are a key component of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Solar panels are used to effectively collect and convert sunlight into electrical energy that is both clean and environmentally sound.
Solar panels come in two product categories: polycrystalline and monocrystalline.
Polycrystalline solar cells grow from multifaceted crystalline material. They are slightly lower in efficiency and are a typically larger module, as they require larger individual cells.
Monocrystalline solar cells grow from a single crystal as opposed to a multifaceted one. This means that the crystal has grown in only one direction. As a result, they have a higher efficiency, which results in smaller individual cells and come in smaller modules than polycrystalline.
Inverters: Power generated from solar panels comes in the form of a direct energy current and requires a solar inverter to be converted into a utility-grade alternating current (AC). Alternating current is the same power that is used for generating energy in both residential and commercial properties. The three available types of inverters include micro-inverters, power optimizers and string inverters.
Racking and Mounting: Mounting systems are a vital component of a PV system. A variety of mounting systems are available and the one chosen is based on the particular needs of the job at hand. Some of these systems include flat roof, shingle roof, ground-mounted and dual-axis tracking.
Product kits
Some distributors may select to offer product kits that are already combined in order to best suit the needs of their customer base. This is an option for those who distribute solar panel systems strictly to commercial businesses or those who distribute only to homeowners.
Procurement specialists
When searching for the right distributor, it is vital to ensure you will not be competing directly with the company at hand when it comes to working in the same field or territory. A solar panel distributor should work with their dealers to help enhance their product knowledge, helping dealers increase the quality and service provided to their own customers.
When it comes to selecting a solar distributor in Canada, ensure they can offer all of the above products and their goal is to work with their dealers to help them achieve success.
Solar power facts and fictions are important to research before making an informed decision to purchase a solar power system
Residential solar panels are being incorporated into new building projects and have become a top choice for renovation projects.
Solar panels for your home can offer many benefits for your budget and for the environment.
Solar panels for the roof are the most economical way to generate enough energy to power your entire home and reduce your monthly electric bill to zero – a huge savings over 20 years.
When buying solar panel power for homes, it is important to ask questions to ensure the longevity and productivity of the system. Getting all the answers you need to make an informed decision is crucial.
Solar cells can be made of several different kinds of materials and have varying efficiencies. The most common are crystalline silicon, with thin film technologies on the rise.
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